Episode 6 – Drupal, WordPress and Joomla Against the World

Thanks for the note, I have fixed the feed.


Battle of the 4 Carriers

Verizon Wireless, Sprint, Tmobile and ATT customers battle for the top network, who wins?

Plus special guests, Special K -Iphone and general network guy and Jim – Tmobile.


Episode 3 1/2 – 3 Favorite Android Apps

  • Home Replacement Applications – PandaHome, Helix Launcher
  • Appaware
  • Andy’s random apps
  • Foursqare, Gowalla, and a few other tasty tidbits

Episode 3 – Webhosts, the good, bad and the unreliable plus other tidbits

Webhosts, the myth of unmetered, unlimited, and its very unfortunate.

Internet Explorer, the bad, ugly and worse.

The IPAD talks continue.


Episode 2 – Internet coming to a TV near you

On this episode of the Tech Misfits we talk about:

  • Boxee
  • MythTv
  • Windows Media Player
  • Media Servers
  • Getting media to your phone
  • Google Tv
  • Big screen tvs with Internet integration

Episode 1 – Android

On this episode of the Tech Misfits we talk about

  • Motorola Droid update to 2.1 predictions, is it coming?
  • Sprint Android 2.1 predictions
  • Samsung Galaxy – Phone processors catchinig up with gaming consoles?
  • Swype Beta
  • Twidroid
  • Motorola Devour, is it worth the investment or should you wait?
  • HTC Evo is it any good?
  • Google shelling out payments to Android adopters
  • Android Users Consume More Ads
  • Phones getting bigger? What happended to the Motorola Razr?
  • Tablets? Whats to come? Are they worthwhile?
  • Will the IPAD flop?