Episode 9 – Perfect Segue

Since the first breath that mankind put together in some wheezy hackneyed cough to form a word there have been segues.  Some of them good, most of them poor, and then you have the standard level here at Tech Misfits.  A level of segue that is so horrible that they should be called seg-woah-what-the-heck-was-that.  But in this episode there is an exception to the rule.


6 thoughts on “Episode 9 – Perfect Segue

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  2. Hello thanks for yet another funny and interesting post. Where do you receive your inspiration for all this :|? –

  3. Well Tandarts, you are welcome for the post! Thank you for your obvious spam responses, and the amazing question that will let me talk for a couple moments here. Most of my inspiration comes from a rift in space that contains ideas that most humans cannot decode. I can however due to a small piece of an alien spaceship that was left to me by my great uncle, Shawn Connery, the mechanic, not the actor.

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