Episode 1 – Android

On this episode of the Tech Misfits we talk about

  • Motorola Droid update to 2.1 predictions, is it coming?
  • Sprint Android 2.1 predictions
  • Samsung Galaxy – Phone processors catchinig up with gaming consoles?
  • Swype Beta
  • Twidroid
  • Motorola Devour, is it worth the investment or should you wait?
  • HTC Evo is it any good?
  • Google shelling out payments to Android adopters
  • Android Users Consume More Ads
  • Phones getting bigger? What happended to the Motorola Razr?
  • Tablets? Whats to come? Are they worthwhile?
  • Will the IPAD flop?

2 thoughts on “Episode 1 – Android

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  2. Very informative, and quite possibly the nerdiest thing I’ve ever listened to in my life. You guy make Cranky Geeks sound like the cool kids.

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