Dead Hunt Book Review

This was borrowed from HackerPublicRadio review.

In this episode of the HPR audio book club resno, Klaatu, and pokey discuss the presentation of Dead Hunt written and produced by Kenn Crawford. This episode contains spoilers, in the second half, so please listen to the audiobook for yourself before listening to the podcast all the way through. This audiobook was loved by two of the panelists, and liked by the third.

You can download this audiobook for free (or voluntary donation) from

During this show the hosts also discuss beverages, and we suspect that one of them may not have contained ANY alcohol!!!
Klaatu was drinking (surprise!) coffee; a brew called Winter Blend which is seasonally available from Trader Joe’s.
resno was drinking Snow Day Winter Ale from New Belgium Brewery
pokey was drinking Yellow Tail Chardonnay

Our next audiobook will be Space Casey by Christiana Ellis. It is available at The direct link is:
This audiobook comes with a thumbs way up rating from pokey (as he’s heard it already). So if you agree with his other picks then don’t miss this one.

If you enjoy this episode of HPR, you can find more podcasts by our hosts at:

We all had a great time recording this show, and we hope you enjoyed it as well. Thank you very much for listening.

The HPR_AudioBookClub

P.S. Some people enjoy finding mistakes. For their enjoyment, we have included a few.


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We get Zenofex from GTVHacker to talk about rooting the Logitech Revue.

(Yes, I need to site the song, I forgot, and will do that tonight!)


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  • Gmail amazing!
  • Listener Feedback
  • Browser tracking
  • Wikileaks
  • Porn blocking
  • Don’t ask don’t tell
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  • Apple TV Again again again…
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  • Walgreens Tablet!
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  • Black Friday sales
  • Most Important News of ALL time!

That last one you really have to listen in for, you will not believe how amazing this is until you actually hear it!


Episode 9 – Perfect Segue

Since the first breath that mankind put together in some wheezy hackneyed cough to form a word there have been segues.  Some of them good, most of them poor, and then you have the standard level here at Tech Misfits.  A level of segue that is so horrible that they should be called seg-woah-what-the-heck-was-that.  But in this episode there is an exception to the rule.


Episode 8 – Oh-gee-gee

Tonight all sorts of things are discussed on the Tech Misfits.  We go through a discussion about Google TV where Integgroll proves how much of a Google failboy he really is.  As well as how Sony’s implementation can help you stay in shape!  From there we have a wonderful segue setup by Integgroll that is destroyed by Resno, in which this segment we talk about the Color Nook and Integgroll complains about his horrible eyes.  Then HORRIBLE PAUSE this time caused by Integgroll and crummy segue.  We both express our opinions on Gingerbread and our opinions on Android OS fragmentation!  The iPhone4 emergency call exploit bug.  Followed by yet another horrible segue into the best topic of the night and the ARM platform.  Which you should check out and do back flips about much like Integgroll does.

Our intro music came from Tor on soundcloud tonight, check out his music I really dig Electric Cinema

“Electric Cinema” ((Tor)) / CC BY 3.0


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Android Tablets

Augen Tablet

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